Implementing Security

04.26.13 Posted in Security by

A while ago a journalist asked me about “secure development lifecycles to code software.” This is what I sent back: First, you don’t code secure systems, you design them. All the important stuff takes place at a level of abstraction above that of coding. Once you have a design you have internalized both your problem [...]

Now There Are Two of Us

10.22.12 Posted in Systems Safety by

It’s been a busy year for me and the blog has suffered, but that’s about to change. I’m happy to announce that James Blossom has joined me as a co-author at the Old Bitsmashers and we will be working on a new, not-yet-announced project that centers on systems safety. As they used to say in [...]

SOPA, PIPA, and You

12.30.11 Posted in Security by

Scope There have been gigabytes of commentary on the impact of the proposed antipiracy legislation known as SOPA and PIPA. Very little of it has dealt with the impact on ordinary enterprises who depend upon the Internet in one way or another. If you are part of one such enterprise, and you think you can [...]

Requirements Engineering

12.05.11 Posted in Innovation by

Introduction This post is a long followup to a thread on Linkedin about the prevalence of failures in IT projects [Link]. One of the recurring themes in that thread was the frequency with which poor requirements definition contributed to project failure. Herewith the lessons learned by someone who´s been at it for 50 years (no [...]

Advanced Persistent Threats

11.16.11 Posted in Security by

Advanced Persistent Threats, Operation Aurora, Night Dragon, Metasploit — oh my, all this new stuff for an old dog to learn. But how new is it? If you’ve spent decades in the crosshairs of the KGB, a lot of this looks like old wine in new bottles. Follow me as I deconstruct this "Advanced Persistent [...]

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